Apprenticeship Programme for 3rd Year Students

Featured Remote Apprenticeship

Job Description

Calling penultimate university students to gain corporate experience and get paid at the same time.

You will be learning directly from the leadership team of Talentbank.

Established in 2010, Talentbank Group is an enabler in the employability ecosystem, focused on producing career-ready candidates and helping them achieve better careers by connecting them with industry leaders who welcome world-class talent. By working with us, you will be able to network with the leading organisations in Malaysia.

Become a Talentbank Apprentice, gain invaluable “real-life” work experience by helping multinational companies, small-medium enterprises, and startups hire better and faster. (Click to view the list of our customers); By the end of the 12-months apprenticeship programme, you will be offered a permanent role with Talentbank with an offer of RM 3,000 & above, or you may request a recommendation letter to be sent to your employer of choice.


✅ Apprenticeship in Project Management
✅ Apprenticeship in Business Development (Sales)
✅Apprenticeship in Accounting & Finance
✅ Apprenticeship in Data Analytics
✅ Apprenticeship in Admin & Human Resources
✅ Apprenticeship in Brand Marketing
✅ Apprenticeship in Graphic Design
✅ Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and AdWords)
✅ Apprenticeship in Tech Support (WordPress, Server Resources and etc)

This is

✅ a role that you do not require any prior working experience
✅ suitable for undergraduates (penultimate university students)
✅ suitable for graduates (recently graduated)

Key Responsibilities

✅ Support our customers from multinational companies, small-medium enterprises, and startups to help them hire better and faster (Click to view the list of our customers);
✅ Work closely with project leaders for project execution

We accept

✅ applicants from any field of studies
✅ applicants with CGPA 3.0 & above
✅ applicants with diploma & above

Our selection criteria

✅ Held a role in any clubs or societies (president, vice president, or committee roles)
✅ Additional advantage if you are involved in AIESEC, ENACTUS, HEYA, LEO CLUB, STACT CLUB, and similar organisations
✅ Actively volunteering in any companies or charity organisations
✅ Strong leadership skills
✅ Creative and able to think out of the box
✅ Possible and must-do mindset
✅ Think big, act small, and move fast

You will be experiencing

✅ business strategies
✅ brand management
✅ project management
✅ team management
✅ project profit & loss
✅ market penetration
✅ negotiation skills
✅ database management
✅ risk management
✅ stakeholders management
✅ time management
✅ tech implementation

You’ll be involved in one of these products

✅ Graduates’ Choice Award (
✅ Best Employer Brand Accreditation (
✅ National Graduate Employability Index (
✅ Talentbank Digital Career Festival (
✅ School of Careers (